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About Us

Sikh population in Indonesia started in the beginning of 1900 in Medan (North Sumatra). Today it is mainly concentrated in Medan and Jakarta (Capital City) . In Jakarta, Sikh are mainly traders and businessman . In 1992 the gurudwara was formed to cater to sanggat that reside in the south of the Jakarta , which recently migrated from Medan. Unlike traditional gurudwaras , the founding members of the gurudwara instilled modern management and leadership to attract younger generation to participate within its management committee. The leaders have also banned the practice of nepotism and kinship within the gurudwara leadership circle

1992 – A Gurmukh family started the Gurudwara in a rented house in Tanah Kusir , Jakarta selatan. In the same year a foundation called Yayasan Sosial Guru Nanak ( YSGN ) was formed to register the gurudwara as sosial entity within Indonesian law.

2000 – A 6000 sqm new land in Tanggerang Selatan was purchase and the gurudwara moved in , until today

2013 – Gurmat School building was erected Infront of the Gurudwara. On the same year Gurmat classes was started.


In line with the teaching and modernity of the Guru Grant Sahib , vision of the gurudwara is to renovate the traditional role of the gurudwara from center of religion studies to the twenty-second  century knowledge center for the community

  • Sikh and Punjabi culture in Jakarta is currently in the brink of extinction. Many of the Sikh in our community does not understand the religion, culture and gurbani. These have grown in recent years due to intermarriages, conversion to another religion and also poverty. We can safely assume that about 80% Sikh in Jakarta do not speak Punjabi and do not understand the Bani recited in the gurudwaras.  These have also resulted in decreasing attendance in Gurudwara and other Sikh social activities.
  • The committee have now transformed with the times to get millennial Sikh to stay interested in the gurudwara activities by changing Its approach in preaching the religion into the local language . It also have consistently present within social media to spread the sacred teachings of Guru Granth Sahib .
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