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Gurmat School Indonesia was founded  by Late Sardar Balwant Singh Rahal and Sardarni Kartar Kaur who were extremely concerned about the Sikh values that were beginning   to disappear among the Sikh community in Indonesia fearing that soon it would be completely lost .

Gurmat School opened its door to its first batch of  students on 18th August 2013 and since then has been going strong providing Gurmukhi, Gurbani, Kirtan and Punjabi classes to students in Tangerang and surrounding areas.

We  have monthly Youth Kirtan organised by our students and Gurmat Camps and various other activities such as Sports day, Gurbani Competitions, Clean up drives and also our Vand Chakna program to ensure students learn the Sikh Values through active participation.

Our main goal is to ensure that  our students learn the key principles of Sikhi and apply them in their daily lives .

When the Covid 19 Pandemic hit the world we continued our learning process through our Home Based Learning Programme enabling us to reach not only our existing students, but also students from all over Indonesia such as Palembang, Medan and Sukabumi. Currently we have 48 students learning through the HBL program.

We hope with the continuous support of parents and the commitment of our hardworking sevadars together with the blessings of Waheguruji we can continue to nurture young Sikhs to value their Sikh beliefs and grow up to become responsible individuals with high morals.

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